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Tianfu Software Park Startup Place Won Gold Medal of the "Creative Industries Incubator Award"

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    On October 14, 12 categories of "2014 Chengdu Creative Design Week • Creative Chengdu Award" hosted by the Chengdu Municipal Government were recently announced, in which, Tianfu Software Park under the group won the "Creative Industries Incubator Award". Gold medal of the "Chengdu Creative Design Week" aims to create an both exemplary and practical high level creative design event, promote in-depth integration with the real economy through driving the development of new and high-end service industries like cultural creativity and design services, so as to promote the transformation from "made in Chengdu" to "intelligently made in Chengdu" and "created by Chengdu" and boost economic restructuring and upgrading.

   The jury of this "Creative Chengdu Award" was composed of 15 leaders from global design field and the activity collected 1,047 entries in all from 15 countries and areas. As the main award for the night, Tianfu Software Park Startup Place stood out after competition against dozens of entities and finally won the gold medal of "Creative Industries Incubator Award".

    Tianfu Software Park Startup Place is an IT incubator established by CDHT Investment Group and operated and managed by Chengdu Tianfu Software Park in September 2007 according to software industry development plan of Chengdu and under the support of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Management Committee. It has an incubation area of 30,000 m2 and has built a complete set of business incubator system of "Incubator - Accelerator - Industry Park", currently targeted to key incubation of startup teams in such areas as mobile internet application software, mobile game, internet finance, mobile e-commerce and hardware innovation (intelligent wearable and smart home). Startup Place provides highly targeted and customized services for venture enterprises in various development stages. For startup teams, the startup place incubator will provide comprehensive support for 12 months; in addition to 30 – 70 m2 free offices, it will focus on less resource, small circles, less human and other common service issues in a variety of ways. As for key incubation projects, the startup place accelerator will help accelerate the progress of potential startup teams, help enterprises to find risk investment and set up high-end business connections through 36-month targeted professional incubation services. Excellent teams from the startup place accelerator will directly enter the Tianfu Software Industrial Park and co-construct and share resources elements of the park with many well-known international and national enterprises to achieve global industry links.

    Up to now, the startup place has reviewed more than 4,000 projects, settled more than 600 projects in total and is incubating over 140 projects. It has successfully incubated more than 20 well-known enterprises like Pinguo, Tap4fun, Ludashi, Ikammobile, Good Team Studio, Codoon, Ideal Dimension Technology, Moqikaka, Chengdu Zilaiye and 91Act. In addition, "Tianfu Investment Club" under the startup place has introduced a number of fund companies, covering the seed stage, angel stage, early investment and other investment stages, to help enterprises to grow rapidly. "Tianfu Investment Club" guide investment of 100 million Yuan for teams in the startup place every year and assist enterprises in the startup place to obtain an innovation fund 3.5 million Yuan every year. The annual total income of enterprises is over 300 million Yuan.

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