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The First "New Third Board" VCF Initiated and Established by Winpower

Source: Date: 2015/8/14    Views: 7976    Print

    In the afternoon of October 16, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau and Chengdu Finance Bureau held a sci-tech and financial work conference about innovation driving development of the city. On the conference, three state-owned entities: CDHT Winpower Investment and Development Co., Ltd., CDPPC and Chengdu Technology Transfer (Group) Co., Ltd. signed cooperation agreement, and initiated and established Chengdu Winpower Xingke Venture Investment Partnership (limited) of the scale of 100 million Yuan, to further strengthen the support for sci-tech SMEs in seed and startup stage. Director General Tang Hua, Deputy Director General Bai Jindong of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Deputy Director Liang Qizhou of Financial Office of Chengdu, General Manager Xu Junru of CDHT Investment Group and General Manager Huang Shaoxiang of Chengdu Technology Transfer (Group) Co., Ltd. witnessed the signing ceremony.

Winpower Xingke VCF is the first fund project with capital contributed under the guidance of Chengdu science and technology ventures. Fund of Winpower set up and settled in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone was raised from the community mainly initiated by three state-owned entities, i.e. CDHT Winpower Investment and Development Co., Ltd., CDPPC and Chengdu Technology Transfer (Group) Co., Ltd. In which: CDHT Winpower Investment and Development Co., Ltd. invested 19 million Yuan, CDPPC invested 10 million Yuan and Chengdu Technology Transfer (Group) Co., Ltd. invested 10 million Yuan.

    At the same time, Chengdu Winpower Xingke Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. was co-established by CDHTI Venture Capital Co., Ltd., CDPPC, Chengdu Technology Transfer (Group) Co., Ltd., as well as the management team of CDHTI Venture Capital Co., Ltd. to take charge of professional fund operation and management. The fund management company will give full play to the three state-owned entities' advantage of resources adjustment and the ten years' rich experience of the investment management team of CDHTI Venture Capital Co., Ltd. in respects of angle investment, VC, fund management and etc., to financially support sci-tech SMEs in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone strategic new industries and hi-tech industries and the seed and startup stage and with independent intellectual property rights, good growth potential and to be listed on the "new third board". Up to now, CDHTI Venture Capital Co., Ltd. has initiated, established and participated in the management of five VCFs of the Hi-tech Zone: venture angel investment fund, emerging industries merging industries VCF, Winpower VCF, venture accelerator investment fund and Winpower Xingke VCF, with a total size of 500 million Yuan, adding up to more than 60 investment projects, successfully helping Westone and Guoteng Electronics, etc. to be listed on the SME board and GEM board; meanwhile, Bikong Sci-Tech and Guoke Haibo, etc. invested by it were listed on the "new third board".

    The establishment of Winpower Xingke VCF will further improve the service system of Winpower angle investment – VC - PE; meet the equity financing needs in such various development stages as the seed stage, the startup stage and the growth stage of sci-tech SMEs; promote the enterprise to be bigger and stronger; effectively drive the industry development and "3rd Entrepreneurship" in the Hi-tech Zone.


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