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CDHT honored the titles of "one of the Top 100 Chengdu Enterprises in 2015” and “one of the Top 50 of Chengdu Service Businesses in 2015”

Source: Date: 2015/9/20    Views: 8026    Print

    On September 16, the Federation of Enterprises in Chengdu and Chengdu Federation of Industrial Economics held the Top 100 Enterprises in Chengdu News Release, and the CDHT was ranked 49th among the Top 100 Chengdu Enterprises in 2015 and 23rd of the Top 50 of Chengdu Service Businesses in 2015. It is the fourth time that the CDHT becomes one of the Top 100 Chengdu Enterprises after 2012, 2013 and 2014.

    The Top 100 Chengdu Enterprises Contest and Selection has been held successfully for five sessions. This time, the candidates had been selected by the experts’ committee under the auspice of the Chengdu Municipal Economy and Information Committee, Chengdu Statistics Bureau, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Municipal Bureau of Commerce after more than 2 months’ surveys and assessments in consideration of international assessment standards, enterprise application and industrial recommendations. Therefore, it represents a highly trustworthy and authoritative assessment and release of powerful enterprises in Chengdu.

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